I have used F-Secure Internet Security for several years. This time I bought a 3-year, 3-PC license and first installed it to my desktop PC. The PC came with Windows 8.0 and now updated to 8.1.


Since Windows Update had a conflict with my SDL Trados application software, I "refreshed" my PC a few times until the problem was solved. I typed in the license code for every re-installation of F-Secure, not knowing 1 license is consumed each time.


Today I attempted to use the license for my laptop PC and noticed the all 3 licenses have been used up for my desktop. What can I do to free the two licenses which I am not using?


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  • Ville
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    Like Simon already answered, the licenses are not "used up", they are just currently reserved for those "computers". The licenses can be freely moved between any devices as many times as you wish. If you install to a new computer with all licenses in use, then you will be asked to move a license during the install.



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  • JimKoto

    Hi Simon and Ville,


    I downloaded the latest version on F-Secure Internet Security and then I realized what you guys are saying. I chose Yes and could allocate one of my licenses to my laptop at installation. Thank you so much!


    Best regards,



    (It seems like I had failed to extend my subscription  of Internet Security 2011 and failed again by entering the IS lisence key to the prompt from F-Secure SAFE. I needed to use the latest version of IS.)

  • Simon
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    Yes, I don't think you can use an IS license for SAFE, and vice versa.

    Glad you're sorted. :)
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