Feedback from Mac app



- Initial walk-through asked me to name a device on the website, which didn't seem to be of any use because it later asked me for the device name in the app,  which then linked to my account.  I had to delete the device created on the site.


- It is not clear how the firwall works.  Is it just two options:  block eveything or turn it off?  It is very confusing to me.  If it is acting as a firewall when not blocking everything, maybe some indication of what is being blocked would be nice.  This, to me, is the best feature. 


- My scans stalled and stopped on the two times I tried, then gave up.  Not very solid.


- Turning the firewall on/off and the "block everything" option on/off seemed to be very buggy.  It would work sometimes, then sometimes not. 


- Testing the "block everything" feature, all traffic was still going through so I am not sure it works.



What would make it better?


What I am looking for in a product like this is protection from:  malware, keyloggers, hacking (mitm, arp etc), data being stolen, things being manipulated/engineered etc. 


Who cares about some virus that is already on your system if your neighbor is watching everything you do on your computer LIVE  by proxying all your traffic throught their server without your knowledge?  This virus nonsense is just an ancient scare-tactic.  Step out of the box and solve problems.


It is about protecting against violations of privacy, not boogie-man viruses.



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