[F-Secure on Surface Pro 3] High CPU-Usage when scanning for threats!


when scanning for threats CPU usage is sometimes reaching over 90 %. I installed F-Secure Internet Security (2015) on my Surface Pro 3 (Win8Pro). Sometimes it's even reaching 100 %.


Is that normal?

Scan Option choosed: Complete Scan


CPU Usage on Surface Pro 3







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  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,574
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    I don't run a Surface myself, but I think you'll probably find that is the case, that it uses all the available resources to get the job done quicker.

    I guess it depends on how often you run a full scan, as to how much of an issue it is. Personally, I don't feel the need to run full scans very often, as the product will be protecting you in real time, and would block any malicious applications upon execution, and DeepGuard would also be watching for any malicious behaviours. Regular full scans are not really necessary, in my opinion. :)


  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,574
    It's 'normal' for the Desktop version of the Windows product. It's designed to use maximum available resources in order to run the scan in the quickest possible time. I might consider it safe to assume, therefore, that the tablet version would behave similarly.
  • VetraciVetraci Posts: 156
    I'm asking since some other Security Suites that I used reached about 30-40 % CPU-Usage.

    If I'm just running a "Quick-Scan", CPU usage is about 30 %.
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