DeepGuard blocks ccc.exe

I am using F-Secure Internet Security. Today it told that DeepGuard has blocked ccc.exe. Is there something to be worried about or can I ignore that information?

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    Here is some information on CCC.exe:



    It appears to be a process associated with AMD graphics.  It's possible that DeepGuard flagged it because the program has recently updated, and subsequently isn't recognised - but you should have got options to allow or block it.


    If you don't have AMD graphics, or are suspicious about the file, you can Submit a sample to F-Secure, who will analyse it and confirm whether it is safe or not.  You can also run it by Virus Total which will scan it with a number of scanners.


    Hope that helps!  :)




  • My computer uses AMD graphics. Maybe I anyway submit a sample to F-Secure. Thank you for your advice. :)

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