FSP (android 4.4.2) -Significant increase in battery consumption



(I'll do later today proper report of this to the beta team.)


Have you others noticed the same? For me, the phone's "lifetime" dropped to ~half of what it used to be. Of course this is always a tricky subject, no day is similar as other and when you do these "unofficial-battery-consumption-tests" they usually are worth of nothing.


Back in old good days somebody advised me if you have sudden drop in your phones battery, remove the last installed app/update to an app. 


Unfortunately I had so messed up days yesterday and today I could have not survived with ~8h phone, so I had to do as said above. In one hour, after my phone's battery is fully loaded, I'll put the FSP back on the it and then we'll see what happens.




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    I havent noticed any change. But my tablet is old and it switches wlan off after some time the screen is off. This will cause the downloads stop. Since my tablet doesnt have mobile connections it doesnt retry Gsm(3G/4G)  connections

  • Hi,


    Hmm, after I reinstalled the FSB Tue 9/16 to my phone, I haven't seen any of the battery increase I mentioned up there... Not at all in these five days. So, probably my first download went somehow wrong or the engineers out there did something.


    Anyway, I didn't do the official bug report either, 'cause there's nothing to be seen...


    The Red Rabbit vanished.



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