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hi all


when i run a scan the scan never finds internet cookies and have to use another program

to remove the cookies

have tried with internet explorer 11 and firefox same results with both


i do have remove cookies box ticked in settings


any suggestions





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    F-Secure IS have feature about automatic-remove tracking cookies (just tracking and just "if F-Secure" marked as tracking) under real-time scanning settings.


    So... basically it's should be work and "tracking cookies" removed by real-time "feature". It's mean - when you use browser.... "tracking cookies" removed during "created".


    F-Secure without features about "remove cookies" (I also use another software for clean cookies, because default cleaning by browser settings not enough) as scan results.


    I also ask about one of tracking cookies (they marked it on web-site description as "tracking", but it's not removed from my systems).... and they answered.. that it's not "tracking" (not "tracking cookies").


    And page with "description" - where it's visible.. that current cookies (from source) should be removed.....  outdate and will be re-changed.


    Basically it was long months ago... after that without changes.




    And without changes on current day too.




    Here have list of "tracking cookies" - and most of them (maybe all) can be on my systems and not removed by "real-time" feature about "deleting tracking cookies".


    So... I already asked about it also... but without response. So - I not sure... work this feature or not...

    Or simply need to meet too much tracking cookies... which on current day have another meanings, than previously (for F-Secure). And "tracking cookies" will be detected as "scan result".... so if it's like that -  I without response about this... and I not meet something like that.

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