New features to My Fs protection Internet Portal

It would be very good if one could see some details about the installiation from the safe avenue Fs protection portal. What I mean is that when I go to the web page I would be able to see some details like is the application version up-to-date and is the virus database of the installation up-to-date. Also it would be nice to see if malware would have been detected on one of the installations and even possibly have a possibility to change some settings. Settings could be also preset on the web page so that when I install another license to another computer it would automatically set the preset settings so that I would not have to set these settings again every time. Another good thing would be if you could see some information about the computer like OS and its version etc.


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,665 Superuser

    I certainly hope that more information will be forthcoming in My FS Protection.  For a start, unless I'm missing it, I can't even see any information on licenses / subscriptions, and I think this is fairly essential, given that it's no longer available within the product UI.

  • Yep, the whole portal seems pretty stupid as you can only download the installation file and name the computers in there. In other words the internet portal is basicly useless right now even though it has a lot of potential in there, if they just would add some features.Smiley Wink

  • Tahvo
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    Don't say it's useless.
    Now you can see all the activated accounts. Also this makes it easier to deactivate broken/unused license keys. Also it is made for the phone erase/locate feature
  • Well it pretty much is useless. You are missing my point here what I mean is that there is so much potential in the internet portal.

  • Simon
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    Bear in mind this is a Beta product, which means it's very much still in development. I'm sure that the portal will become more feature populated in time to come.
  • FamousMarcel
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    I have read somewhere on the forum that are all things going to change in time.
    If you have it installed on an android there you can happy too see howmuch days the license is.

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