New FSP icon and font

I just installed the new F-Secure fs protection, and I am quite puzzled about the new icon and product identity.

When it is installed, the icon makes me think of a screenshot program, or a VNC client to remotely control other PC - the previous icon metaphor (the F-Secure logo), using a shield-shaped F, was much more linked to security.

The other main issue I found in this new release, apart from the colour scheme (it's a matter of opinion, I suppose - while I think violet in occidental culture is not really linked to security and feeling safe), it's the logo font. It really looks like the notoroius Comic Sans, and it does not convey a sense of professionalism at all.



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    My interpretation of the new icon is one computer 'guarding' another, but I have to admit, the old 'shield' was probably more obvious as to it's purpose. I much prefer the new colour scheme to that bright blue we had for a while, but there are a couple of issues where the violet text is not highly visible against a black background, such as in the title bar.

    I hadn't actually noticed it being Comic Sans. I don't think it is, is it? It looks more rounded than that to me, more like Century Gothic.
  • The icon should be of immediate comprehension and identification. I remember a mobile game in which you have to guess the brand from its logo. If I see this icon whithout any program name, or in a list, I don't really think it's a security program :)
    As for the font, I know, it's not Comic Sans - it really is Frankfurter SB. But when I see it it looks like a kids' program Smiley Sad
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    The font is unchanged from Internet Security 2015. The icons and colors, well, maybe they will get an update... :)



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    Will be interesting if  "an update" related with new "Clockwork Orange"-style (I mean -> Online Scanner changes; ).


    Probably it's can be funny. :)



    I called it as "Clockwork Orange"-style - because thought about it as "kind violence" (and related known things - book, movie).

    And just because current style of F-Secure IS (or current one with purple-violet?!)  for me called as "fun 80's casual"-style - because thought about it as something "brutal romantic" (and can be related with the Firm movie by Nick Love)

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