Black list of IP address

Hello. Now there are many programs that operate on the same principle as the F-Secure freedom . When checking IP that give these programs when connecting to any server, you can see that they are listed in the black list ( spam database ). This means that these programs are used to send spam, DDos attacks, hacking @ and other illegal actions. At the moment none of the IP addresses that gives you F-Secure freedom not to spam, but it is not excluded that, most likely, there are people who use F-Secure freedom for illegal purposes, resulting in some IP can fall into the black list. Please tell me the company can prevent such illegal actions of users ( spam, DDos attacks and other), to prevent the ingress IP in the spam database? As we know, F-Secure freedom does not require registration, does not collect any personal data, and consequently, it will be impossible to block users who will use F-Secure Freedome for illegal purposes.


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