Mac experiences


Hello all,


A few random observations from first install, operation of the Mac beta, transitioning from the older Mac AV beta:


First, from the beta participant front: Is the description of this program still "the *Windows*" security beta?


Second, the first impression from the title bar of the installer "Welcome to the fs protection for Mac Installer" is a little underwhelming.  Can you not capitalize "Mac Installer".  I understand that everywhere, so far at least, has the software titled "fs protection" - but it really deamphasizes the product.


Second, I couldn't initialize the software behind a corporate firewall + web proxy.  I reported a bug on that.


Lastly, I'm scanning my system, and I'm fairly certain that for the past at least 15 minutes, I've progress from 37 minutes remaining to 30 minutes remaining and holding steady there.  Nope, wait, LATE BREAKING NEWS: I'm back to 38 minutes remaining.  I wish I could manage time like this in my life - I could randomly get extra minutes in my day.  :)  (I know this is a hard task - the scanner found my virtual machine images and download files with all those disk images and slowed down a whole bunch.)


product: fs protection for Mac

platform: Mac book pro 15" retina, Mavericks 10.9.4, 16Gig RAM, 1TB Flash hard disk






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