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I've noticed quite a few people marking their own posts as 'solutions', when in fact, the solution was given by another member earlier in the thread.

Would it be an idea to disable members from marking their own posts as solutions, as often, this is misleading to other users, as the actual solution to an issue isn't being highlighted?


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    Hi Simon!


    We've noticed the same, and discussed it.  Often it is the case that the thread starter provides the answer that is the closest to a helpful "solution", even if other community members helped them get to this solution.  With that in mind, we figured it's no harm to keep it as is.  A moderator can always "unmark" the solution and choose a more appropriate one - I've done this from time to time :)  However, sometimes there are more than one useful answers that lead the thread starter to a solution...


    An option would be to again allow multiple accepted solutions, but I'm not certain if this is the best strategy either.

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser
    OK, thanks Chrissy. Just thought I'd mention it. I agree, there's no easy 100% solution.
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