Cannot remove Riskware (Application.Generic.658438)


F-Secure found some riskware on our laptop but refuses to clean the file. We cannot delete it OR quarantine it. Ideas?


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for questions.


    Do you have experience with any prompts about this?! or log files?!


    Or if you able to open "History of spyware and viruses" (Removal history) under Settings for manual scan - here should be information... about "file", directory. Here can be explanation - why it's not able to delete or quarantined.


    But also.. does you mean..  that you not able to "delete" this file by hand also?

  • Buruma

    It doesn't show up in the scan history because nothing is being done to that particular file for some reason. We just checked the full history and that particular file is not listed anywhere, although about a dozen other files were listed as deleted/quarantined from last night.


    Whenever we try to delete it or quarantine this one specific bit of Riskware (Application.Generic.658438) via F-Secure once the full computer scan has ended it simply says, "Cleaning is complete. None of the items were cleaned." Yet every time we scan, F-Secure finds the file and reports it back to us.


    We just tried manually deleting the file via the PC, which was named "freesofttoday.exe" and located in a Temp folder according to the F-Secure report. The file was successfully deleted but then we ran another full computer scan and the very same riskware was reported again.

  • NikK
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    @Buruma wrote:

    ...about a dozen other files were listed as deleted/quarantined from last night.

    When you encounter that many infections it's a good idea to also scan with another product, to be sure.
    I suggest you also do a scan with

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