Program suddenly classed as virus


I have been using a program for a while now, and it has always been fine, the definition update now flags it as a generic trojan and quarantines it, how can i get f-secure to understand it's a false positive and allow me to keep using my program?


I even re-downloaded the program from the author and checked his virus-scan logs to make sure, but it is still getting flagged, I trust the author of the program but can no longer use the software.


The program in question is dugiguides_1.0.7.exe from, here is the link to the virus scan as well.


virus report


Deepguard also classes the program as harmful.


Any suggestions or help greatly appreciated. (and yes, i play WOW along with a number of other MMO's so i love f-secure as it keeps me safe)


  • Frisjo
    Frisjo Posts: 47 Enthusiast

    You can upload the file to as a false positive and the file will then be checked and allowed.


    If you want some kind of feedback when its ok please register and send the file from that account.

  • magus2000
    magus2000 Posts: 8 Observer

    OK, after a bit of faffing around, i managed to get it uploaded to be checked, forgot i had to turn of anti-virus checking so i could restore the file from quarantine to allow it to be uploaded, was going round in circles there...will wait and see what happens, thanks

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