Feature Request


The Av doesnt contain some very useful fetures like


Auto USB scan many PC get infected via USB and other av vendors have these features but F-Secure doesnt.


I requested same feature in 2014Beta but didnt find it.


It should also have an offline engine update specially for aquarius (aquawin32) because it just large without resume feature


The gui which writes fs protection should also be written in class of F-secure and A little GUI change different than Internet security will be appricated.




Windows 8.1 



  • Simon
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    Auto USB scan would be a welcome feature. That said, the product should still detect and block anything nasty executed from a connected USB drive.
  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my ask... about USB (auto-USB scan).


    But... how it should be work (?!) - if it already not part of design (which I can to feel with F-Secure Internet Security).


    Time to time I met something about current feature with another security software (or with specific software) - but with my experience.. it always was... some kind of "workaround" - and not really protection-feature. Also it's should to take a lot of time... if USB have "large and hard to scan files" (or it will be skipped ?!).




    How I can to understand... on current time F-Secure will be with next behavior around USB-connection to PC.


    If something launched -> will be prevented/detected by real-time scanning and it's about seconds (but... of course... more good - if it happened with hook and without any not nice results for system).  Also DeepGuard able to "think" about launched/executed files from USB.


    During use USB-fs... it should be with "scanning on access".


    And etc.


    If something malicious with design, which able to  trick security-software.... potentially here need something another (or more powerful) and not just "auto-scan" (?) or other workarounds (which I met).... 

  • Tahvo
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    You can manualy scan usb and some Pc are slow thats why it isint a good feature if you are in a hurry.
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