F-Secure Server Security 11 - Hotfix

Dear F-Secure Team,


I've a question because i'm not a specialist.

On my server, I use F-Secure Server Security 11.01

Do you know, if i've to install this hotfix for the version 11.0

- F-Secure Server Security 11.0 Hotfix 1 April 14, 2014
- F-Secure Server Security 11.0 Hotfix 2 June 18, 2014
Excuse me for my bad english !
Thank you
Toulouse - France

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  • BenBen Posts: 2,640 F-Secure Product Expert
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    Hi Henry,


    Security Hotfixes  (FSES1100-HF01 and FSESS1100-HF02) are included in the latest 11.01 releases(SS and ESS), so you don't need to install them if you are in the latest version already.







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