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Why is the product limited to a specific list of countries? Is this a legal issue?

As far as I know there shouldn't be a technical problem because other VPN providers are available all over the world without limitations.



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  • PaiviPaivi Posts: 80 Former F-Secure Employee



    We decided not to make Freedome available in APAC until we have VPN servers available in the region. We want to ensure good quality connections to all of our customers.


    We are aiming to open exit nodes in Hong Kong and Singapore still this month.




  • Hi,


    Thanks for the explanation.


    I'm personally interested in Israel. I've been using other VPN providers with no problem, I get very good connections to servers in the US and western Europe.


    When can I expect to be able to install the app in Israel?



  • That was fast Smiley Happy

    Many thanks.

  • csjDKcsjDK Posts: 50

    Would be cool if you would add the rest af Scandinavian as well. As a Finnish company and with the promising name Freedome I was hoping that for once scandinavian countries/costumers (except Sweden) wouldn't finally be "overlooked". And since the no location servers means no local content. Perhaps I was too optimistic. :)

  • PaiviPaivi Posts: 80 Former F-Secure Employee

    Thanks for the feedback. The plan is to add more service nodes based on user demand. Keep the requests coming and we'll see what we can do. At the moment, there are no immediate plans to expand to the rest of the Scandinavia.


    Päivi, Freedome team

  • csjDKcsjDK Posts: 50

    Okay, tough luck for small/tiny countries. I've requested numerous times, this is the last one. Seems like a waste of time, if i have to request 1000 times to match 1 chinese request Smiley Very Happy

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