F-Secure Suite verses the AV with a different Firewall?


Would the F-Secure Suite as a whole, protect my PC better than using the F-Secure AV with the COMODO Firewall (only) with it's known good protection? Or does a suite work as a whole and protect more efficiently, or can a hacker more easily disable or bypass a known exploit of a vendors software, compared to it being a couple of different security software's strengths (i.e. F-Secure AV/COMODO Firewall) a "layered approach", and thus making it harder for malware to thwart?


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  • Janiashvili
    Janiashvili Posts: 454 Adventurer

    FS Suite is much more than Anti virus and firewall, because they are synched into eachother, when FS AV and comodo(or any other independent) firewall are absolutely independent products.


    I guess FS's firewall is not powerful as Comodo's one, but FS's firewall is like teamate of FS Suite team and acts as one of several FS AV engines

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