Freedome prevents mobile phone to act as wifi hotspot device


When the "Freedome vpn"-app is On for a mobile phone, it is not possible to use this phone as a wifi hotspot. There are no problems connecting other devices to the one acting as wifi hotspot but is not possible to get Internet connection. After turning the Freedome-app Off this problem disappears. Is this failure mode as expected or any kind of bug that can be corrected?


(Test according to above has been conducted with a Samsung Galaxy S3 acting as wifi hotspot (and connected to mobile network) with a Nexus 7 2012 connected to this hotspot. Both devices updated with all official updates installed and not rooted. Note: The Freedome-app is also installed on the Nexus 7 and “On” or “Off” for Freedome-app on the Nexus 7 does not influence this failure mode in any way.)


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