Why won't my F secure unload to allow a program to be run


Once we realized that we have to unload f secure to play minecraft, for some reason it doesn't seem to be unloading, and now we are getting a message that says  A timeout has occurred. Please restart your computer.  What can I do to fix this.



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    in this case... there are lots of questions. Is this Internet Security 2011 or 2012? Which operating system?


    One thing that may well help is turning off the "Advanced Program Monitoring" under Settings / Firewall / DeepGuard. Especially 2012 is extremely smart, though, and shouldn't need any changes.



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    Hi I seem to have the same problem. I'm trying to play Minecraft 1.2.5.

    And i've just started to use F-secure (provided by Stofa in DK).

    Even if I allow everything (firewall profile), turn off the deepguard and disable "program control" it sill does not allow me to play.

    However, if I use the task manager in windows to killl (end process) the F-secure management Agent - then I can play!!


    Hope to hear from anyone that has a solution to this issue.


    BR Lars


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    Hi crazymom,


    Please open ticket to our technical support regarding this Minecraft problem.





    Please provide fsdiag also.



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    I have also been looking for this link. Thanks a lot. I will definitely contact support right away. image

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