Key grouping



is it possible to create key groups? For example



  - Pitfall

  - Boulder dash

  - Raid over Moscow

    - UBISoft (a group inside a group)

      - game 1

      - game 2

  - Mojang

    - account 1

    - account 2



  - Google 

  - Facebook

  - Randomsite 1



  - VISA

  - Mastercard

  - Amex



  • Shahrir
    Shahrir Posts: 44 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi Cele,


    I do apologize as it is not possible to group the credentials for now. However, we will suggest it a feature request. Thank you for your valueable feedback!

  • Kizz
    Kizz Posts: 5 New Member

    Cele , this is a great idea it would make this product useable, It's a real pitty it hasn't been implemented.