Anti-virus malfunction


I started getting malfunctions a week ago, I kinda didn't bother about it, but I did today, and I rebooted as it wanted me to, didn't help, even shut my computer down and started it again, didn't help. So I tried to uninstall, and supposedly it went fine, but when I went to install it again, it said the previous installation required a reboot still. I restarted it, and it kept giving me that message, I tried the uninstall tool on this forum and then restart but it keeps giving me this message, I restored my computer to yesterday, not that it fixed anything, but it keeps giving me random pop ups for a restart, but on the list with "Applications:" it's empty, maybe my windows is broken and doesn't actually restart proberly? Idk I googled on the issue I have but nothing, so I hope you guys can help me.


Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit


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