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I helped my mother in law to pay the f-secure, her previous security connection had run out of time. There was only a question if she wanted to renew her f-secure connection and press this key, we did just as was suggested. This was done August 1st. But now it just showes her f-secure is not working that it´s too old. So how should we do at the moment. She meant to start a computer course this fall so she have no idea about anything. And at the moment I have no idea either. I have the bill from when it´s payed and everything so I can show up that it is payed. We just want this to be connected to her computer also. How do you get in contact with f-secure? I haven´t found any possibility yet! 



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    What F-Secure product this is about? 


    This community board is for F-Secure Freedome VPN, a privacy product currently available for Apple and Android mobile devices. I believe your question must be about some other F-Secure product - so please let me know and we'll transfer the case to the correct place here.



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    Oh yes it´s for a pc... If you could please transfer this to the right place I´d be so happy! =) Thank you!

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    Hi @Bets Your post is now moved to the appropriate board.

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    Thank you, must go to mother in law one of these days and try this. Otherwise I will try as you suggested! Very much appreciate this! <3

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    Thank you! <3

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    Hi Bets!


    Just wanted to check in - did you get the issue resolved?

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    OMG I meant to write you all at once... But was a bit busy when came home and totally forgot it. I called the place I payed to and then I did just as was suggested up here. Now it´s totally working and won´t happen again, because mother in law will use the computer from now on. It was actually father in law that meant to start using it, but he got bored after some months... =) Anyway THANK YOU for the help it worked perfectly! <3

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    THANKS Niklas for the help, I did just as you said, uninstalled to begin with and reopened with the subscription key I got from the order. I had to call them though to get the key and they was also very helpful, even gave me phone number to call in case it wouldn´t work =). But didn´t need to! Thanks it was very helpful! <3


    Love Bets

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    Great to hear things went smoothly! Thanks for checking back in :)
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