Internet Security 2014 on Vista 64-bit


Internet Security 2014 claims that the OS is incompatible when I try to install on Vista 64-bit Home Premium.  Why is this when Internet Security 2011 will install?


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    I'm guessing it's the OS service pack (SP). For 2014 and Vista, SP 2 is required.


    In 2014 the firewall solution is based on Windows Firewall. 2011 had F-Secure's own firewall. I think that's the biggest difference, and maybe why SP 2 is required now that the Windows firewall is used instead.

  • Jeff
    Jeff Posts: 2

    Thanks, you're correct, it did need SP2.  It's just a pity that F-Secure's error message wasn't more helpful.

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