Freedome #smartandlucky license, other devices and reinstall


I installed Freedome on my Nexus 7 April 24 and got the 1/100 free subscription. It doesn't seem to have any effect on my another Android device, subscription status has always shown as trial. This is clearly not in line with what F-Secure has stated about licencing. The company decides of course but in my opinion #smartandlucky not being a full licence is a bit lame. 


Now I have found out that #smartandlucky license doesn't seem to survive even Nexus 7 Android reinstall. Am I missing something or is the #smartandlucky prize really worthless now for me? Again, a bit lame if this is the case. 


  • ristokoo

    Thank you for the answer, and for the pm. I can live with this Smiley Wink 



  • XeroWolf
    Ok i have a very different experience in that I've restored my i phone 5s like two or three times since having won the full year freedom and it seems to have no trouble or least it doesn't seem to indicate and says it's working only I'm not so sure it is it still shows recognition if the subscription and it appears to be doing something but I'm suspecting there is a problem and I'm not truly protected or worse got a fake lookalike or idk but something's def not rite and VPN logo moves one side of top at to the other but not always why it does that idk from my research and kb I gathered nothing or not found any info on that but more so my phone camera and audio I believe as well as other features may be being accessed etc pls help and advise thx
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    Hello Xerowolf,


    You can check the license status on the Settings menu.When you open the app you should see a three horizontal lines icon. If you click there and the Subscription it will show you the status and the subscription ending date. Please check this and make sure it is as it should.

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