Internet Security 2015 released

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If you want to upgrade before it is upgraded automatically by F-Secure later this autumn, see this:

(don't know about SAFE since it's not mentioned)


What's new:

  • Name changes: Computer Security => Antivirus,   Online Safety => Browsing Protection
  • Significantly less bandwidth used for downloading updates
  • Launchpad has been integrated into the main user interface
  • Three new categories for Browsing Protection's Content blocker settings: Hate, Disturbing, Alcohol and tobacco
  • + new colours Smiley Frustrated

Main product version number: 2.15.358

If you check the downloads in Common Settings, this might be good to know:


IS2015 main.png


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    I'm aware of the the downloads Not Installed from this KB article but the one I have is CCF Basic 2.15.358 which I assume is the main product component for IS2015. If I understand the KB correctly the not installed ones would be only old downloads?  I've waited over 2 hours incl a reboot but this one won't install.


    I've checked Event Viewer but didn't find any errors or warnings related to this. When I check the Reliability Monitor I noticed that install of "F-Secure" is the only one without a "Successful application reconfiguration". Is it supposed to be like that? @Ben do you know, or can alert someone who might know?


    CCF Basic not inst.png

    The list above is sorted on Title, so there's no duplicate or old version for CCF Basic.


    Rel Mon.png

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi NikK,


    This is purely cosmetic issue that might occur when upgrading from IS14 (known issue).

    So upgrade is correctly installed despite the "Not installed" mention.



  • Rusli
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    Hey Nikk, they still using Windows Firewall???


    F-Secure must provide their own Firewall! ! !


    Windows Firewall are vulnerable and not secure!

  • Ukko
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     Probably... to create own firewall without vulnerabilities and totally secure - also hard... more hard, than create any additional things under Windows Firewall (which also created by high-skilled people).

    But if it known point about vulnerable ...... maybe it need to transfer for Microsoft?! If here about ... various variants go around default firewall and etc (which created or use... design things)...   so.. maybe, but here should to work "multi-layers" protection (in global means).

    And during any targeted attacks...   own firewall.. not really helpful too.



    But.. I can to think with same meanings (about vulnerable and not secure)...  and I (maybe) prefer to use F-Secure own firewall with "F-Secure OS" :)




    Sorry for reply.

  • NikK
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    Great, thanks Ben!


    Rusli, yes it's still Windows Firewall + F-Secure's Advanced Network Protection + DeepGuard. I have no problem with that alongside a NAT router with SPI firewall, but I've also tweaked a lot of things regarding firewall & networking:

    • Disabled all inbound rules except Core Networking
    • Changed outbound from the default Allow (all) to Block
    • Configured outbound rules with the help of a program called WFC (Windows Firewall Control)
    • Disabled NetBIOS
    • Disabled File & Printer Sharing
    • Disabled Client for Microsoft Networks
    • Disabled Network discovery
    • Disabled UPnP

    etc... So I feel pretty safe Smiley Very Happy 


    I think the most important thing for home users is to use a router to block all incoming connections. Then you only have to worry about the outbound connections as they will be automatically allowed on their way back in so to speak. If manually configuring outbound connections seem to difficult, I recommend launching programs with Sandboxie and change the default setting from allowing Internet access to all programs, to only the ones you want to allow.

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