antivirus not working.

my f-secure antivirus is not working since we installed it months ago,when you check the update it show it is running  but when you scan your system it says  nothing foung.

but if you use mcafee to scan your device it finds hundreds of viruses.

what is wrong with f- secure

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  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,561
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    It would be unusual for "hundreds" of viruses to be present on a machine, so do you know exactly what Mcafee is finding?

    Further, are you using Mcafee's online scanner, or do you have both antiviruses installed on one machine? If you have more than one antivirus installed on one machine, that may well explain why one of them isn't working properly.


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    Like addition for private letter.


    Does it also means that you also have experience with Full Scan by F-Secure AV (?) -> not just "scan" like smart/fast scan?


    Also if yes.. maybe you able to re-check settings about Scan-process (as uncheck something like "scan only known type of files" or check something like "advanced scan); And re-check situation with Full Scan.

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