remnants after uninstal: how to erse them ?

after uninstalling IS there's still an undestructible F-secure folder containing an empty "quarantine" folder in C:\programdata\ 

There's no way toget rid of it due to admin rights... dedicated F-Secure uninstall tool fails, Emco MoveOnboot fails too. Any clue ?

thanks in advance


  • Ukko
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    Not sure... maybe here will be more good explanation or instructions.


    I can to think.. that potentially your situation happened.... because your quarantine was with files (not empty quarantine).


    So ... it's close to stuck, but with more visible reasons like "if installation removed/broken or other" - but you need to have files from quarantine... or simply.. for "secure" points.


    Anyway -> I not sure.. but maybe here can be helpful steps about situation:


    Part with "Delete mode".


    Or need to find something else.. which can be related with that things.


    Also.. how I remember.. quarantine folder by F-Secure able to delete from/by Live CD (here I mean -> not like Rescue CD for scan; Live CD with Linux, for example... or WinPE) or other tools, which create available status for work with file-system.

  • Simon
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    Just a guess, but have you tried as Admin in Safe Mode?

  • yeoldfart
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    Hi and thank you :) as I use Windows 8.1 I can't access F8 during boot time

  • [Deleted User]
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    You should be able to access the safe mode on Windows 8.1 by following this article.

  • Ukko
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    Also... just for information.. if will be date with same situation.

    Does it mean.. that "delete mode" (unquar.exe tool) already does not work?

  • yeoldfart
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    only unlocker.exe worked this is there

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