Virus found in App of Hollands Nieuwe in my Nexus 4, LG, Android. Is that correct?

To: F-Secure and 'Hollands Nieuwe'


F-Secure Mobile virus scanner says: Virus found in App of  'Hollands Nieuwe' in my Nexus 4, LG, Android. Is that correct?  'Hollands Nieuwe' is a Mobile telefoon provider.
To me this seems weird. I wonder wether:
1) it really is a virus.
2) should I really remove the App.
3) whom should I warn a) F-Secure because it is a mistake; or b) Hollands Nieuwe because there is really something wrong.
Your help please


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Lorca,

    Check, that you have the latest available virus databases and scan again.

    If it still shows the file as infected it should be checked in our Sample Analysis System.

    Register and login to our Sample Analysis System here:

    Then follow the instructions to submit the sample. Remember to add further description to comments. That way you get feedback from the sample that you submitted.

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