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Currently when i try to use a Steam game called Spintires steam will give me the code 51 error.

to prevent this error and make the game playable i have to disable F-Secure's Deep Guard feature since this seems to block the game from starting and from playing online multiplayer.

Why is this occuring whenthis is a reputable game thats been on Steam for several months now.

More annoying is how this is a comming problem with a few Steam games as shown in the common reason list for that specific error code.

Will this be fixed or am i forced to remove this software altogether.


  • Kruul89
    Kruul89 Posts: 2

    Using the compatibility mode seem to allow the game to run as tho Deep Guard is disabled so thats nice atleast, how exactly does this compatibility mode change things?


    Thanks for the help

  • NikK
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    For maximum protection DeepGuard injects itself into running processes. Some games don't like that. The compatibility mode skips the injection part, therefor it's labeled "lowers security". (this is my interpretation)


    Having DeepGuard ON + using Compatibility mode is preferable over turning DeepGuard OFF completely.

  • Ville
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    Exactly like you said.



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