disable stpid questions at login


Hi folks and freaks,


I´m new in F-Secure Safe & in hope that russia won´t buy there meat in finnlandia!)


My problem iss: Every time I start my 7UP-System, in any profile i always get the question checkbox whether I activate internet something ääh some security browser service  a.s.m.


I don´t like this bloody questioning all the time , and want to deactivate it.

I looked already in the startfiles, but I´m quite not sure what to do get into basket /disable.

does any body know this security side, and give me advice ? (no amateurs welcome!)


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser
    Welcome to the forum!

    Sorry, I'm only an amateur, but could you provide us with a screenshot of the screen in question, so we might be able to tell where it's coming from?
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