Is F-Secure 2009 safe browsing with today?

I were provided with a copy of F-Secure 2009 from my internet provider. According to the program the latest malware list updates is installed. Is it safe to use this antivirus now or should I get another program?


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    F-Secure Internet Security 2009 is no longer supported. You should contact your internet service provider and ask for a more recent version of the software.

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    just download 2012 and install  it on top the subscription is still valid!



  • F secure is the best AV program you can get, as long as it still updates, you are good.

  • @MJ-perComp wrote:



    just download 2012 and install  it on top the subscription is still valid!




    Hi BR, I tried your suggestion, as my ISP is also using the version 9.0 When it got to the point of Registering the product key, it did show the product key from Charter in ghost text, but never registered it. I waited for about 10-12 minutes and ended up in "X"ing out of it, and did not receive a pop up error.


    Should I try uninstalling the Charter version and installing the F-Secure Store version (I have the trial version installer) and inserting the Charter key when asked, or will it not be recognized by F-Secure's servers, as the key came from, or is embedded with the Charter Suite?


    I suppose I could just try it to see what happens, but this software takes so long to install, and on this PC, I really don't want to do allot of installing/uninstalling, even if I create a System Restore point.


    Thanks for yours, or anybody else's help. Smiley Happy



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    the "Charter" key will not work with ANY F-Secure Internet Security.


    Please ask Charter, when they will have a new Version based on FSIS2012.






  • Thanks BR for your help.  I'll just leave it as is, for now.



  • lol  Smiley Very Happy  Thanks MJ, for helping me out (BR)  Smiley Wink

  • Well... I'm glad I stumbled upon this question and answer. I also have Charter Communications and it has offered me the F-Secure Internet Security Suite but evidently it is an older build with an older engine. Nice. When I asked them what version they had, they told me they couldn't determine it but that I should come and ask the F-Secure team here. Nice, eh?!

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    If you have already have installed Fsecure in your system,then you probably can see the build from going to about Fsecure

  • The build is v.9.0.2. That is what Charter gives its customers and nothing more. If I'm understanding correctly, another poster here claimed that he installed the current version of F-Secure overtop of the Charter version and did not register it but after waiting a few minutes completed the installation process. Is that correct? How can you possibly install the current version overtop an older one without using the key? And we know that the Charter key will not work with the newer F-Secure build. I'm not understanding how this was possible.

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    No, do not try that!


    Neither F-Secure Internet Security 2011 nor 2012 can be installed on top of the ISP-Version.

    I do not know why, but F-Secure seems to have allowed some ISPs to name the product "F-Secure Internet Security" (no year!!) and that certainly brings a lot of confusion.


    The latest ISP-Version I have seen is 9.12 build 112. But that refers to the installer, not the internal modules. Some of the modules receive updates via automatic update agent.


    In any case I think you are as safe as with F-Secue Internet Security 2011, which is still supported.


    Maybe you can post the content of "info" from from Icon.




  • MJ-perComp: Thanks for the response.


    Here is the issue from my perspective. Charter, it would appear, have offered its customers the most inexpensive package deal they could possibly offer. Whereas they claim to care about our security, in fact they offer and older security suite but get away with it by updating its virus definitions. I find that reprehensible and want to remind them that this is NOT a "free" offering on their part (they try to make it sound as if they are giving us something) when in reality we are paying dearly for it with our monthly subscription to Charter (not cheap... trust me).


    Currently I do not have CISS on our computers. In fact, I removed it about 18 months ago due to its drag on our systems. In the meantime, I purchased another security suite whose license will soon expire. I was curious as to whether I might get an updated F-Secure suite from Charter these 18 months later but when I contacted them, the technicians did not know what version of the suite was current and told me to contact F-Secure which I find unbelievable. In my opinion, they know what the version/build is but choose not to share that information with customers... particularlyl those customers who ask questions.


    So... I'm left wondering what to do when the NIS expires. It would appear that Charter is not a viable option for me and I had hopes this time of escaping an $80 upgrade. We shall see.

  • Different version and product names gives a lot of confusion. That is why it won't hurt you to read a few articles about it before purchasing the software for good. That is what my experiences taught me.image

  • I'm not sure I'm following you. I did my homework as far as possible. Charter refused to provide the information and that is why I came here. I've read dozens of tech reviews on security suites and invariably they all come out with different best programs (I.e. Kaspersky, Norton, F-Secure). It's really a matter of who you choose to trust.
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