DeepGuard Alert - Excel.exe




We have had a number of deepguard alerts recently for the following path


Product: F-Secure DeepGuard (OID:

Severity: security alert (5)

Message: Application was blocked. This was determined to be a high-risk application by system control heuristics.

Application path: microsoft office\office\excel.exe

File hash: f6823901285809e5926251a34898d4fc5c824b75


I believe this is relating to the older Office 2000 suite which is still required to our business for a legacy plugin.



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    Hi GeoJon,


    Does this happen only when you open certain Excel files, or also if you open the EXE file directly? Did you allow the file on DeepGuard? If not, you can do it by opening the GUI, clicking on Settings, then DeepGuard (left side list) and then at the bottom on "Open list of monitored applications" Check if the exe file shows in the list. If it does, change the settings to Allow and try again.


    Also log in or create an account on our Analysis portal,, and send the exe file. Our malware analysis team will check it adn, if needed, release an exception for it.

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