Zemania AntiLogger


I’ve recently come across this product. I’ve never heard of it before. I thought about asking about it in the forum.


Does anyone knows it? Is there any known incompatibility with F-Secure Internet Security 2014? I run an analysis of the software and seems clean. Is really another layer of defence needed?


It’s the first time I post, so I apologise if I’ve done something incorrectly.


Thank you beforehand.


Kind Regards,




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    Sorry for next words. Also just because... you not place version of current software... so I can to create my dreams around (based on experience/try/check). Some kind of another view... than already here created.


    I can not to recommend this software (Zemana AntiLogger);

    It's can be normal, good, helpful software (just potentially).... but if you not sure.. that it's needed for you.

    I think - you should be ignore this software.


    My experience around this software can be with next points (just my experience -> tool is popular and very often can be in use by users), which can be not important - but related with normal use system:

     - not really nice design for use;

     - can not be really helpful against ALL potentially troubles.

     - can be helpful against troubles, but it will be... with a lot of "false positives" (something like that) situations, when you will be with hard feelings about.

     - can be with a lot of vulnerabilities.

     - can to create in your system a lot of "trash". 

     - something other... include - if you not sure about this software - potentially you can not to trust for this company. It's already important, when you choose any "security" software.


    All of that can be with meanings:


    -> If your certainly understand for which reason.... and how you will be to use this software.. - so you can to use this.

    Probably your system not goes to total crash (F-Secure/Zemana compatibility), but here can be troubles around... when F-Secure will be with troubles.. or Zemana will be work not so nice - how can be.

    It's can be by various reasons. And I not certainly sure... how it will be now..  because here maybe already new versions and etc. So it's mean - can be more good... or can be not so good already.



    If you need related tools - maybe you can to find something another.. which have just features, which you need. And realization - which will be enough for any systems/machines.


    Another layer can be helpful, of course. But potentially best layer, which prevent any potential troubles before... situation, when they already goes to system.

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    @Manuel wrote:

    Is really another layer of defence needed?

    I'd say that depends on how much you know about security or how paranoid you are Smiley Wink I've written about some good, free additional security layers here


    Haven't tried Zemana so I can't help you there, but of what I've read about it, it sounds like a HIPS - Host-based Intrusion Prevention System. If you want to go deeper in how the F-Secure HIPS work: DeepGuard whitepaper


    If I would give only one security advice to people it would be to scan new programs(before running or installing them) on https://www.virustotal.com/ 


    Advice on one additional security program would be http://sandboxie.com/


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    Hi Manuel!


    Just wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you to our Community!  Posts like this are quite welcome here, so no need to feel unsure :)


    // Chrissy

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    Thank you for the suggestions on how to proceed. I did as suggested.


    Thank you all for your time and adivice. It's always  a great pleasure to see such a dedicated community.


    Have a nice day.

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