Finally a new Internet Security Technology Preview (R48) released

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Hi all TP users,


After having couple of failed TP releases due to internal quality problems, we are again back on track with the TP48 release. In this TP48 release we have fixes to several issues reported by our beta testers. For instance Opera browser users suffered from broken page layouts - this has now been fixed. We also found an issue which many Windows XP users reported: F-Secure Hoster DLL should not hang any more during the shutdown. List of these fixes can be found in the product release notes.

We have also new functionality in this version:

* Online Safety on Windows XP has new LSPv2, which improves stability and browsing experience for all XP users.
* Firefox 8 and Firefox 9 beta support for Online Safety
* New plugin handling for Firefox that improves the stability and browsing experience for all Firefox users.
* When upgrading from PSC9/IS2011 all Computer Security settings are now kept or migrated to suitable ones.
* One process removed (fsgk32st.exe, "F-Secure Gatekeeper Handler Starter") to improve the memory footprint.
* New F-Secure Support Tool that creates normal ZIPs and uses less CPU.


Thanx to you, the IS2012 beta program was so successful, that we have extended all old subscriptions that have been registered through to end up one year later on 2012/12/01. We really hope that you continue providing the excellent feedback also next year.


We would be very eager to hear your feedback about this version. Should you encounter any bugs, please create a bug report to us at and remember to always include the F-Secure Support tool report with it.


Petri on behalf of the project team


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    Additional note about the Windows 8 support.


    Unfortunately this release still doesn't support installing to Windows 8 developer preview. We are already testing internally  the Windows 8 functionality and it is well in alpha stage already. But we don't want to start releasing it publicly before we get all our internal test automation and continuous integration systems supporting Windows 8. Once all those are in place we are going to include the Windows 8 support and release new versions for it normally every two weeks with the TP releases. Most likely this will go to beginning of 2012.



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    In previous version you removed one or two processes, now you removed another one...


    If those are not needed - why they were in use?


    So IS2017 will have only GUI

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    these processes have functionality that is needed. We have just moved that functionality to be handled by other processes.



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    I just hope this works better than previous versions.image

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