Illegal you say? But who EXACTLY prosecutes when it DOES happen?? Need Help.

I found this site by reading an article on of F-Secure's researchers did back in 2012, on infected Mac's vs. Pc's, and while I agree the Macs are MUCH less likely. I am one of the unfortunate's to be in the group. Not &amp;nbsp;malware, not a Trojan...I didnt click on some link, this is a personal attack. Exactly what your all reading and writting about, &quot;the Man&quot; , law enforcement even in my case, with too much power abusing his resources and money on regular everyday people to intimidate and scare into what they want. &amp;nbsp;Yup, and Ive been to and called EVERYONE and no matter how much evedince I proivide, Im always pointed to another direction. Police said go to FBI, FBI (get this) said &quot;Unplug your computer &quot; but its wireless taptop? &quot; then TURN IT OFF&quot; click. &amp;nbsp;Congress, ACLU, Apple, Secret Service.... you name it. Ive had 4 very sceptical Mac Engineers/Specialists look at me like a crazy person, just to follow up call and say &quot; This is the first time Ive ever seen anything like this&quot; &amp;nbsp;So Im told I have spoofed Certificates, and &amp;nbsp;information in the EFI sector indictive of the Davinci rootkit excploit which is encrypted after installlation, making it very difficult to locate, malicious tracking cookies, my camera and Mic have been accessed, Ive found folders upon folders upon folders buried soo deep then in them pictures of me from 2005 that I deleted in 2005 6 computers ago., No one can get rid of them.&amp;nbsp;<br>&amp;nbsp;So HOW.... WHO....WHY???<br>&amp;nbsp;I have hundreds of successful &amp;nbsp;logins that all point to a company called CELLCO. They monitor crimnals for law enforcment. NO Im not a criminal, they need a warrant to do this, and half of what theve done is not within thier boundares anyway. &amp;nbsp;You see, Im in 2 lawsuites with a man who owns part of the company. Unbeknownst to me, he also owns part of Cellco. Im simply trying to get 4 months of unpaid wages and a suit for wrongful termination and sexual harrasment from his partner. Unfortunatley these are very bad guys and did ALOT of very illegal things during my employment , all of which I unfortunatley for me, have all the documents.&amp;nbsp;<br>&amp;nbsp;So all these new laws being passed against illegal monitoring, bills going through congress......GOOD FOR YOU CONGERSSMAN, but again I ask, who exacly enforces this? when an innocent girl cant set up her new wireless printer because she keeps getting a &quot; someone else is using your computers IP address &quot;or told to check her actual wiring IN her apt, because the only explanation is actual wire splitting. Who is going to make it so she can one again sleep at night? &amp;nbsp;Assure they wont plant some story? GIVE her a warrant?<br>Any suggestions are welcome, I would love if &amp;nbsp;F-SECURE would be interested in this, as Im told its a very rare situation.&amp;nbsp;<br>Michelle
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