Using Fsecure Internet Security 2014 and get a pop up every hour with a message that updatetask.exe has been blocked but I cannot find anything on the computer that relates to this blocked item, I have scanned the computer time and time again but F secure does not find anything.

If anyone can help with what it is, how to find it, and how to block the popup before it drives me crazy.

Thanks in anticipation of someones help 


  • Ukko
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    Search engines by "updatetask.exe" will be says about Ask.com (toolbar ?!) potentially.


    Can be situation.. that you have toolbars in your browsers by Ask.com (?).

    Potentially it should be visible.


    And does you mean that you met prompt by DeepGuard or it's real-time scanning?



  • AndyY
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    Dear janala,

     The "updatetask.exe" process belongs to Ask.com. Most likely you have installed their toolbar on your browser and there are attempts for connections from it. You may remove the process from DeepGuard monitoring if you are comfortable with it:

     Launch F-Secure -> Settings -> DeepGuard -> Change application permissions..


    Then just click on the "updatetask.exe" and remove it.

    Best Regards,
    Andy Yoon

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  • janala
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    Andy thanks for your response, are you sugesting that I allow the updatetask.exe to update ? and as Im new to Fsecure I am unsure what you mean by using deepguard and change settings can you please advise how that works


    Many thanks



  • janala
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    Many thanks for your response, as I said earlier I am new to Fsecure and dont yet fully understand fully what it can do, when you get old IT can become quite complex and what seems straight forward to the experts is a mindfield to others.

    Thanks yo your explanation I now have something to work with and hopefully resolve the matter, but apologies if I need to come back to you.

    Thank you so much for your help to date, your quick response and helpfull comments have been a great help.

    Kind regards



  • NikK
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    You're welcome back at any time! No need to apologies for wondering how the product works. I totally understand it can be confusing for non-experts.


    I'm curios since you're new to F-Secure, was there anything specific you wondered about or that was unclear? I'm thinking of writing a post for new F-Secure users and your answer might help me decide what information to include.


    And about DeepGuard, the F-Secure Application Monitor, I might add that as long as you only use programs that are known, widely used and considered trusted, you'll probably never see an alert about it from DeepGuard.

  • janala
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    NikK,thank for the post, might I begin by thanking you for the help and sugesting I try the Malaware programme to find the problem, you are a star pop up found and eliminated amazing.

    With regard to your idea of writing for new users I feel you are certainly on the right lines when you say writing help for new users, in many cases a lack of basic understanding of Fsecure may lull the user into thinking they have DeepGuard  set up correctly and until something happens and only then does the user question whats happening.

    In many cases the basic set up instructions are  written by experts who assume everyone has their knowledge they forget that the elderly who have the same desire to protect their system the same as everyone else have not had IT tuition or worked in an IT environment  its allien a foreign language to them all they want is a simplistic basic set of user guides to enable them to set up and protect their computer (In other words hold their hand through the guide) perhaps then a progressive instructions guide to show whats there and how it should be used by the novice.

    Hope this makes sense






  • Ukko
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    Maybe it's related with your words and situation.


    But just because... you have new experience about F-Secure... so it's can be more reasonable to understand...


    I think.. that F-Secure installation have good Help/About/Support-description. Like documentation, which able to simply download too.


    I mean -> practically each window of F-Secure IS have button for /Help/About/ , where will be some descriptions... some instructions for common actions around and related information for current place.

    For example, here also should  be description/explanation for DeepGuard.


    How about - if you without experience about this.... information. What if you will try to read this and some kind of give your feeling... how it was helpful or not.


    Just because.. I think... current Help/About realization looks like nice.. and can be so helpful during first experience. Because it's created same with "not really hard to understand", "indeed common information with practically full base of needed things". And also it can be with required steps for any actions, which able to do from current window (or if read all of documentation.... just like documentation-feel).


    But... it's, of course, with time-point. Need to read... and it's can be hours - if read full Help (if not get Help-description just about window, which certainly interesting on current time).

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