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Hi, i am really liking the protection features of Freedome but sometimes feel it is too simplistic and not transparent enough.


Whilst i appreciate it comes across as ideal for novices, an advanced mode would be great, with better visibility on what is going on in the background of the existing features.


A feature i'd like to see added is a firewall, enabling users to configure which apps are allowed to send/receive data in the background, giving them more control over their data usage and reinforcing the idea the user decides which data traffic is allowed to and from their device.


Freedome seems to me like the ideal solution to incorporate such feature to reinforce users' privacy and control.





  • Chrissy
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    Hi!  Just letting you know I've moved your post to the Feature Request board so the Freedome development team can better comment and follow-up on your idea :)  Thanks for the suggestion!


    // Chrissy

  • Thx Chrissy
  • Paivi
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    Happy to let you know that the Freedome team has also been thinking about something similar and this is in our product backlog. It's always good to get requests directly from real users. Thanks.

    However, I'm not unfortunately able to give you any estimation on the schedule of this feature at this point. I'm afraid the earliest is some time in the beginning of next year.




  • Paivi
    Paivi Posts: 80 Former F-Secure Employee