Why are Banks Pushing Protection Software?


I've seen more than one bank pushing for users to adopt a specific software to protect use of its on-line facilities.  This is Trusteer Rapport and it is free, so first question is what's the pay-off for them?  Is it to help them avoid the effort of providing a secure application?


F-secure provides a similar facility and I see that some in this community have reported errors from clashing with Rapport, so this is not a trouble-free area.  I find that on start-up (in Win7) both applications are hammering away, presumably doing pretty much the same thing, while I suffer abominable response times.


What can I tell the banks that will persuade them to stop nagging me to reload it when I remove Rapport? 


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    Just for reference, here's a list of claimed compatible software - but it seems a little out of date:


    I guess you could disable FS's Banking Protection if your bank is insisting that you use their own. I'm not sure if either is more secure than the other, but if you're using the bank's recommend protection, and something goes wrong, then they couldn't really argue against covering your losses if you were a victim of fraud.

    Or, you could change banks to one that doesn't insist on the use of it's own security software.
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