Banking Protection Bug - BLOCKING Paypal.

aljw Posts: 7 New Member

For the past week (or two at most), there have been times where I'm getting wierd issues with Paypal, very specifically with Firefox (which I have NOT done updates to).


So I go to ... and the banking protection starts up...


but comes up "not found". It does NOT come up with the blocked site/allow, it just says it's not there.


*HOWEVER* - it works properly in IE (which I refuse to actually log in with, I don't trust IE for security) - and, if I "END" the banking protection, and hit refresh, then comes up totally fine.


I've added every possible exception to "allow" into the f-secure settings, I've added,,, and several of the actual paypal links (since they sometimes redirect).


As soon as the banking protection comes on, I can't see paypal! (Even if logged in - if I click to view a transaction, it suddenly says site not found... until I close the banking protection and refresh the page).


It doesn't happen with any other banking site, they all work fine - and this has JUST been recently happening. A friend suggested paypal may have updated their IPs or something - but considering f-secure doesn't even let me say "allow website", it just says it basically doesn't exist.... then something is definitely wrong.




(FYI - using Internet Security 2014)


  • Ukko
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    Not sure.. that it's can be helpful.


    Potentially - you mean that... (with https:// , of course) already not loaded by first visit (also during created Banking Protection on certainly "that try to visit  moment"). If yes - it's  strange. One of my devices.. recently was OK around that (Banking Protection started and after that main page or some of other parts of main pages - not blocked).


    But.. just because it's blocked and maybe some kind of "specific pages"  (not able to show blocked page status and give just a not found, because HTTPS)  you able to transfer URL, which you met with that situation (blocked during Banking Protection) for F-Secure SAS.


    Like URL about Banking protection.


    Also.. maybe you need to try understand. What if here blocked something other, which also have in that page (and which should be blocked) - like if "third-party items" or ... if you use Parental Control features (maybe here have some of related categories, which blocked).


    Sorry for not helpful reply.

  • Simon
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    Do you have any other Add-Ons in Firefox whjich could be affecting things?  Can you try connecting to PayPal with all Add-Ons except Banking Protection disabled?


    I have just tried with the latest Firefox (31.0), and PayPal seems to be working OK for me.

  • aljw
    aljw Posts: 7 New Member

    The only two add ons I had, I just disabled, still have the issue:


    Here's the exact message:


    "Unable to connect

    Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

        The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
        If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
        If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web."


    I have firefox 30, will update - but again, if I disable the banking protection, it works.


    And for the previous person - no, I do not use parental controls, I'm the only one using this pc, my daughter has her own. And no, it's not partially blocking 3rd party - it's blocking everything.



  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Are you using a Bookmark to access  If so, it may be worth typing in the address manually, to see if that works, then update your Bookmark.  Stranger things have happened...  dunno.gif

  • NikK
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    If nothing helps, contact bankingprotection (at) and attach this log file:



    And when you add an allowed site in Online Safety it should be in a format of  (without protocol like http or https)

  • Ukko
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    So, here I mean that... it's will be blocking everything, but original blocked just something third party (or if it have in Deny/Block List for websites - by protection, content blocker or other features). Of course.. if it not wrong URL with additional characters.


    Because - if URL (paypal) HTTPS -> it probably can be without page with buttons allow or etc. It's will be with "Unable to connect".


    Anyway - probably you can to create ticket for F-Secure Support and fsdiag.

    Potentially - for Support can be more reasonable to understand why it's happened with fsdiag-resources.

  • aljw
    aljw Posts: 7 New Member

    nope, not using bookmarks :) Only ever type it in.


    I'll send the message, thanks.



  • EmilL
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    Just to check so its really is our bankingprotection. Because it's not supposed to block paypal. If you start up F-secure Internet Security 2014 -> select "Online safety" -> "Settings" -> Select "Banking protection" -> Up in the right conrner you have a button to disable it.


    Check now please if the issue still persist.





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