I don't know where to find my Fsecure product code in f-secure 2012


I did an auto install of F-secure 2012 with the option of parental control. My password is not accepted and by the auto install without using a tempfile, I don't know where to get my product key to change miy installation settings. It is no option to install f-secure again, for I intend to buy a new laptop next year and sometimes you have to reinstall windows



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    Hi Frits1939,


    - If you have ordered your F-Secure Internet Security online, kindly review your Order Confirmation E-mail for subscription key.


    - If you have purchased your F-Secure Internet Security retail box, kindly find your subscription key inside the box.




    Best Regards,

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    In case you cannot find the documents Jayson is refering contact support.


    Run the diagnostics and send it to support they should be able to dig out the code from the logs.

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    I have never had aproblem getting into my hotmail before. My email XXXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com . Could you please help me asap. regards Neta Hill.

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    Dear neta, what are you doing?
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    Hello Neta,


    I edited your post due to privacy restrictions. Could you elaborate what is the actual problem you are facing?


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    He might be looking for the activation code or something to activate the product he got from F-Secure. Is that it? image

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