We have just joined f secure and want to run a scan to see if we have picked up any viruses before we joined.How do we do this ?



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    For more good background - good to know about which version of F-Secure (and type of) was installed.


    Common steps for launch scan:


    -> Wait, when all updates downloaded and installed (able to check it -> tray-picture click, check updates, check_now, look for list of updates and status around); Also nice.. to do restart for system after that;


    -> Double-click F-Secure logo picture from desktop and with main window should be "button" for "Scan" - which launch just Smart/Fast/Speed scan for system. It's can be enough - just if.. system already with troubles and if some of malicious thing in "common" directories;


    -> For FULL SCAN you able to use Launch Pad or Main window of F-Secure (Tools-part) and get there... "link-button" for "Start Full Scan".

    It goes to be Full Scan for system - directories and checking for malicious, suspicious, spyware and hard-to-find viruses;



    Sorry - if you ask about other things.


    Also.. F-Secure have good "Help/About" with installation.
    You able to choose "Help" from any place in UI and read Help about common questions or parts (include Scan-process). Here will be good instructions, steps and other.

    Also... FAQ/Documentation/Knowledge Base on website.


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