how do you get rid of "ibryte Desktop"?


i tried using the wizard scan to get rid of "ibryte Desktop" and i can still see "ibryte Desktop" next to my date and time(bottom right of my screen) so that didn't work.


Also i tried deleteing it from "program and features" but i couldn't see it.



Please help?


  • NikK
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    You can find more information here:


    I recommend you to scan with the free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, which is good in detecting and removing PUPs - Potentially Unwanted Programs, which this sounds like.

  • Ukko
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    Some points, which can be helpful... for background/setting in your situation:


    -> Which detection name created by Scan Wizard - if it detected (?!).


    -> Steps can be related with version of "current trash-application" and how it comes. If you have any ideas... how it was installed (like payload with any other software... or just current one without any "hard steps").



    But anyway...


    - You able to search for system (and after that for Registry) by words "name_of_application/part of name" - and checking all of found items... remove it (for example) and remember "when it was".

    Same thing.. can to do with Registry (by "Run" -> regedit) and search by that word (or related words - if you see something suspicious in your directories).


    - You able goes to msconfig (by "Run" -> msconfig) and check Autorun/Services for any "related" items (or goes to Autorun/Services by TaskManager for moden operation-systems).

    Disabled that.

    Or.... to use something like CCleaner and check features around "Autorun/Browsers Extensions" for any related items and disabled/removed by that source.


    - Re-check any other system settings - Firewall rules, hosts-file (system32/drivers/etc) and manually each browser for shorcuts/settings/extensions.

  • NikK
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    I found a sample at (a multi-engine scanner) saying that 4 of 68 scanners detected it as "Potentially Unwanted". The link in my previous post - Malwarebytes, was one of these 4 scanners.


    The iBryte program was probably installed at the same time you installed some other program, as a co-bundled offer (called "bundleware"). Read this to understand it better, it's also a review of a bundleware protection product called Unchecky:

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