Why does F-Secure seem to be avoiding me?


Hi- I have one years complimentary cover from Virgin Media and I've been very satisfied with F-Secure

But I'm having problems getting thro to support now. I tried a few times last night and they weren't available. I tried this morning and was told a rep would contact me soon... I sat for ages...nothing. I tried again and couldn't get through. What's going on?


My problem. I can't make F-Secure my default search engine on Chrome


This seems to be the URL https://search.f-secure.com/?ccid=cc934

But I get an edit popup showing the following


Name F-Secure Search

Keyword search.f-secure.com

URL https://search.f-secure.com/search?query=%s&fs_uo=provider


Top/bottom line are ticked Middle line shows an exclamation mark


I use XP at the moment (but not for much longer)


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    I assume you mean the chat? The safest way is to submit a Support Request


    But you might get help from here faster:


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    There's nothing wrong with support(except sometimes slow) but perhaps with the chat support.


    If you still don't want to contact support, you're welcome back here to the community any time :)

  • snozzle
    snozzle Posts: 4 Observer

    Hi everybody-peeps

    Well...here we are months later...and I have a new Windows 8 pc and I changed to Chrome and there's still the same problem. Chrome clearly don't like F-Secure and I'm still prevented from making F-Secure the default search engine (the "search.f-secure.com" in the centre panel shows the same old orange exclamation mark)


    Can I take it that F-secure still hasn't overcome this bug?


  • snozzle
    snozzle Posts: 4 Observer

    Entering "community help sites" is like entering a charity shop. Occcasionally in those you get the attitude "Well. I'm a volunteer so you're lucky I'm helping you." Same here...especially if the enquirer - like  me - is a bit cranky.


    We're like that because we're a bit pissed-off and we're looking for advice. But these sites are hived-off from the company sites ...which is unfortunate because they're still viewed as an adjunct of customer service and the sight of "experts" viewing, then moving on without comment annoys...and that reflects back to F-Secure or whatever other companies are using your service.


    I, for one, would avoid renewing my virus protection or whatever based just on the atitude of a sites like this and I'll certainly bear it in mind when renewal comes around  

    Bye all........


  • Czyzpi
    Czyzpi Posts: 21 New Member

    Dear Snozzle,

    Please excuse the long response time.
    I'm kindly ask you to contact our technical support using the following web form: https://www.f-secure.com/en_US/web/home_us/support/support-request
    From there we will be able to take fürther steps to provide you help.
    We would be appreciate that you could send us also the so called "FSDIAG file" and the detailed description of the issue.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Are you sure it is not already set? Chrome gives the orange exclamation mark for the keyword when the keyword is not unique (or empty). When you write your search term in the address bar and hit enter, which search engine it uses? Check settings -> Search to see which search engines are set and which one is the default. Perhaps you have F-Secure search added already but for some reason just not default.

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