Add start and stop times to scans

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When malware is present, it sometimes messes with scans.  I would like to see start and stop times added to scans so I can determine if the current scan is taking the same time as usual.

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  • Ukko
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    Hello, Log-report probably already have current time-checking (?!). Or maybe I wrong understand current suggestion. If here also about "real-time" scanning with time-checking... probably it not able to create with normal design. And it will be always with strange looks during meet "hard to scan" files or other....... Probably time-information after scan, which able get from log-report.... can be helpful with that. Better can be... just if will be able to "check" latest five (?) scans. Now it's able just "latest" one.
  • baroque-quest
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    Sorry, Ukko, I did not completely describe my idea.


    I was referring to the screen which appears when a scan is run, with the title of Scan Wizard.  Yes, I know about the logs, but having the start and stop times on the Scan Wizard would allow users to verify immediately if a scan was running too fast.  I often start a scan on one PC and then start working on another PC, so I am not paying attention to the times.

  • Cale
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    The scan log still fulfils this idea.


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