Can't end subscription on iPhone

hanskan Posts: 3 Observer


I have an active Freedome subscription on iPhone, but I want to end it (I need to use it only couple of times a year).

When I open my subscriptions settings page, the auto-renewal box is not checked, but I still get charged! Tapping on the auto-renewal text has no effect (I want to disable the auto-renewing).


I have already paid for two months although I wish to end my subscription. 


What should I do to end my subscription? I would be glad to get a refund for the last monthly payment if it's possible.


I'm attaching the screenshot from my subscriptions settings.



  • Bayani
    Bayani Posts: 58 Enthusiast

    Hi hanskan,


    How did you purchase your subscription for the first time?

    Did you purchase it on our website or somewhere else?

  • hanskan
    hanskan Posts: 3 Observer

    I purchased it through iPhone app, unfortunately.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee
    Hi hanskan! Just wondering if you ever found a resolution to this issue? Please let us know if you still need help!
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