How to ignore a virus alert?


F-secure claims that some steam game executables has viruses. Now I want a simple solution how I get to execute these files without going through hoops. 


After virus detection I have the option to: clean file, delete file, isolate file and prevent from running the file. Why is there no option for "ignore and execute when launched"? Why do I have to jump all the hoops to get this file running again ... I have tried to add the file to exception, but it still wont launch the file. How the F am I supposed to be able to do that?





  • Simon
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    I guess F-Secure don't provide an "Ignore warning - I'll take my chances" option, in case people click it accidentally and then get infected.

    I know what you mean about jumping through hoops, but as far as I am aware, submitting a sample to the FS Labs is probably the quickest way to get something white listed.

    Have you tried running the program in gaming mode, and / or with FS disabled? That would, of course, render your machine vulnerable, but it might be a temporary workaround.
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    Sorry for questions....


    Can be helpful next information or questions (if situation will be stuck):


    -> Which version of F-Secure you have?


    -> What detection-name created during prompt about malicious item?


    -> Do you use both variants of exclusion-list:

    - for real-time scanning;

    - for manual-scanning?


    -> If excluded..... not work - maybe here prompted about some of "resources" or "temp"-files - maybe you able to try add to exclusion list - current file too. With directory-folder, for example.


    -> From real-time scanning prompt probably not able to "ignore" file, because... real-time scanning prompts can be by various situations and if here detected something "certainly malicious" (potentially like detection-name) - current one not as design to ignore this fact and allow file.

    But should be work any other steps.

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