Policy Manager, Software Updater and Offload Scanning

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After using the Premium version of Client Security for a while as well as the Offload Scanning I believe the software is in need of several improvements.


Here is a list of the ones I can think of right now.


Software Updater

  • Would be greate to have more options for Automatic installation. Today you can only select "every day" or one single day a week.
  • In my case I have automatic installation of critical and important updates only. If I would like to install an update not rated as critical or importand I do it manually. When doing that I would like to have the option of scheduling the update.
  • It would also be greate to have some kind of notification when new updates are released to the Software Updater.
  • Some of the updates listed in Software Updater I will probably never install. The possibility to approve, decline and delete updates would be very helpful.

Offload Scanning

  • I lack information in the policy manager on which servers that have the offload scanning agent installed.
  • It would also be nice to be able to see which servers are actually contacting the Scanning and Reputation Server. As of now you can only see how many servers.




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