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Each time I open a window in a browser (either IE10 or Firefox), it launches a request to open www.ctsrds. com.  I then get a message that the website cannot be found and then must close the window.  I looked for info on that website and it was started in June 2014.  It seems to be malware that got through f-secure.  Anyone else having this problem or suggestions on how to remove it?


I'm currently on Windows 7, 64 bit.


  • NikK
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    It's not necessarily malware, sounds more like a browser hijack


    Besides following Simon's advice I recommend you read this:

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    Potentially (not sure.. about current URL - just common points) can be provided by any toolbars/extensions (or something related like....various variants for desktop applications) - if it installed on system for browsers.


    If current one malicious results or system with malicious troubles -> did you already try launch full scan by F-Secure (with enable setting around -> advanced scan-settings; and "uncheck" setting around "just known type files") - before that... good if goes to Computer Security Settings and re-check settings around manual scan (check all with marked "slow" and uncheck around "faster").


    Anyway - after any steps by scanners (like MBAM, which was in previous reply) or any other software (trusted software), which can to help with remove any potentially unwanted applications, suspicious toolbars, broken default settings for system/browsers, registry keys  and etc.


    I can to add.. just  - you able to try check "shortcut" for browser-picture about "rightclick" and settings.

    What if here.. just already added also "payload" with specific keys and current URL.

    Potentially current thing... can be ignored by any scanners.. and after each "cleaning" - trouble able goes "be back" by that point.

  • Lifes2good

    You are correct - it does appear to be a browser hijack.  I have a habit of referring to everything that causes problems as 'malware'.    The UAC is set to 'always notify'.  I thought that I was alert to changes that I did not request, but obviously missed one.   I have run the f-secure scan and Spybot.  Will download the suggested software above and give it a try.   Thanks for the suggestions. 

  • Lifes2good

    Malwarebytes did find and remove the threat.  F-secure , Spybot, and Windows could not find it.  My browser does not jump to any longer, but I am now having problems viewing Foxnews and Cnn videos.   It never ends. 


    Thanks for the tips!

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    Different threats sometimes require different products to remove them.   As was said above, the issue probably wasn't a virus, as such, so not on F-Secure's radar.  Malwarebytes is good to have on board as a second line of defence.  


    Could you kindly mark the post that was most relevant as the solution?  Thanks.  :)


    With regards those other sites, possibly some content is being blocked, which is preventing the pages from loading?  If you have Malwarebytes set to show alerts, you may be able to get it to ignore sites at your discretion.  

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