Automatically deleting Game Files

Hi, I'm really struggling to understand this now.


I've been playing an online game, War Thunder, which has been working absolutely fine until this evening. Now, the .exe file that is used for the game is flagging up as a Trojan and is being automatically deletedby F-Secure.


I am using the Virgin Media F-Secure key, F-Secure 1.99 build 192, which is up to date.


This is really frustrating, as I have the .exe file set as a trusted file, but it is still automatically deleting every time it is downloaded, so I am unable to play the game.


Please can this be fixed?





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  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,666 Superuser

    Hi Ian, and welcome to the forum.  :)


    Firstly, are you running the game in Gaming Mode?  If not, that might be worth a try, although, if the .exe file is being detected as a virus when downloaded, that might not make any difference.


    You may need to Submit a sample of the .exe file to the F-Secure labs, in order for them to check it and whitelist it.  In my experience, this has usually been a fairly quick process.  You may need to download the file on another machine (or temporarily disable F-Secure) in order to do this.


    In the meantime, if your browser and email client is closed, and you have no other active internet connections open, at your own risk, you could try disabling all security features in F-Secure (Computer Security > Tools), which would hopefully allow you to download and play the game, until a proper solution is found.



  • Lagerstar
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    Hi Simon, yeah I've tried running in Gaming Mode, but to no avail.


    I'll submit a sample and run it without security features for now.


    thanks for the help.



  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,666 Superuser

    Do you have any other protection, such as Malwarebytes on board?  That might offer some protection while you have FS disabled.


    Also, for piece of mind, it might be worth running the file through, just to be sure.

  • NikK
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    I recommend you to scan the file on first just to be sure. It's a multi-engine scanner with 50+ antivirus products. If many of them detect something it's probably a trojan. If not, it's probably a false positive (safe).


    It seems you're not alone with this problem:

    Moderator reply in short:

    "it is likely to be a false positive - BUT - Your system may be infected (not from the War Thunder Software) from something else on your system"

  • Lagerstar
    Lagerstar Posts: 4
    Thanks NikK, I've got Windows Defender running which let the game download and run fine. I'll check the file with virustotal as well to be on y he safe side. Thanks again
  • Lagerstar
    Lagerstar Posts: 4
    And thanks again Simon
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