colours again

on the technical side, this rls seems to be technically fautless, remains the question of the gui colours which still are not satisfying, the task bar icon in a Windows ui dark blue, black theme or whatever it is, is merely visible, the baby blue with the new black outlines is a eyes sore imo. There's a lot to do on the colors scheme before public release, imo a slate blue would look way better: less contrast than with the white and black and baby blue, a slate blue would be a reminder of the "traditonnal" F-Secure blue.

thanks for your attention



  • Blackcat
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    They are still too dark for me. Take a look at the New Norton, looks very smart.





    I know its dark for half the year in (Northern) Finland so let's think of brightning up the GUI!!!

  • Shahrir
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    We appreciate all the feedbacks given on our latest UI. I will inform our R&D department on this so they will take this into count in our next release.

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